Should You Hire a Contractor or Do it Yourself?

The Benefits of Hiring a Home Painting Service

Depending on the complexity of the project, homeowners often have to choose between hiring a professional painter or doing the job themselves. Although for interior projects, a DYI approach may be wiser and more cost-effective, when it comes to an exterior home painting service, you should always go with a pro. Here’s why.

img_0636-fixed-web_400_300_95Structural Stability

A professional painter has the ability to spot decay and rot in housing structures. Although the structural weakness may not affect the process at first, the effects will be clearly visible in the long run. That’s why reputable painters always inspect the area to be painted and, if necessary, recommend a craftsman to fix the problem.

New Colors and Patterns

Painting your home gives you the opportunity to pick new patterns and colors. This is a very important process as it can radically change the appearance of your home. A true painter can help you in the color selection by offering professional advice and recommendations. Hiring an experienced painter saves you from all the trouble of trying new colors and wondering which one better fits your home and surroundings. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they can provide cost-effective alternatives and color schemes to meet your needs and expectations.


An exterior home painting service is a complex and elaborate task. Besides the painting process itself, homeowners should also think about preparation of the walls prior to the paint job. This includes scrapping off the old paint; patching any holes, cracks or dents; cleaning all dirt and debris; power washing the entire surface, applying prime, etc. These are essential steps in exterior painting and must be performed with the utmost care. As a matter of fact, many professionals say that prep work is more important than the home painting service process itself.

The bottom line is that if you’re planning to paint your home, then you should definitely hire a professional. Babin Painting LLC is one of the best and probably the oldest contractors in Tacoma, WA. You should call them and tell them about your project. All you need to do is dial (253) 220-4633.