Is Your Stucco Starting to Look Dirty?

How to Do Exterior Painting on Stucco

Preparation is a vital step when painting stucco, or as a matter of fact, any kind of surface. The surface to be painted must be free of any debris or dirt which may stick to the paint. Also, it is recommended to perform any necessary repairs to stucco, before applying a new coat of paint. Weather and temperature must be considered also before starting to work, more so if the painting is on the exterior of a building. Generally, painting must be done when there is low humidity and a mild temperature due to the fact this kind of weather will result in faster and a more even drying process.

Pressure washing is an excellent method for preparing outside stucco for painting. Pressure washing is using water that is applied by high water pressure. It is said to be much faster than washing by hand, and more efficient than a garden hose. Plus, because the water comes out at such a high pressure, it will loosen any pieces of damaged stucco, which could have gone unnoticed. Once this is done, allow the surface to completely dry out before performing any kind of repairs or exterior painting.

It is crucial to repair any cracks or other damage before starting to paint stucco. Gaps or cracks will cause water seepage, which will reduce the shelf life of a paint job dramatically. This kind of seepage causes discoloration, so pay careful attention to any repair work, as this will provide a longer lasting paint job.

Most professionals recommend using a primer on stucco before the top coat of paint is applied. Primers are used the same as regular paint, they are made to provide better coverage. Primer is helpful when new paint is a different color than what was originally used. Although some choose to paint without a primer, this sometimes results in extra coats needing to be applied, and the new color may be slightly changed because of the original paint.

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