Are Your Ceilings Black Because of Smoking?

Tips from a Home Painting Service on How to Paint Ceilings

People are usually so caught up with painting their walls, that their ceilings are often neglected. However, ceilings do have large effect on the ambience, and lighting of a room. Walls will house eye level color and designs, but ceilings can create the tone of a room. They are much harder to paint than walls but using care and a careful hand, this project will be well worth the time.

living room in a modern homeIf your walls are textured, we, at Babin Painting LLC, strongly advise you calling our home painting service in order to obtain the best results. An acoustic ceiling, also referred to a popcorn or knock-down ceiling, is better painted using a spray gun. For this reason alone, this is why we recommend using a professional service, that is also licensed to do the job.

If you have a drywall ceiling, which needs repairing, first call a drywall contractor to repair it before you plan for any other project. Ask the contractor to put a skim coat, as this will smooth out your ceiling. Changing the coating on the drywall before painting will ensure your ceiling sparkles once you apply a coat of paint.

Apply painter’s tape, this will mask the area surrounding the trim, in addition to where the wall butt up to the ceiling.

Prime your walls before you paint them. This will make sure you only have to apply one coat of paint to your ceiling.

If it is necessary, cut in on the corners using a brush. If you are not putting painters tape over the edges of the wall, you’ll need an angled brush in order to cut along the edges, where the trim connects to the walls.

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